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Webinars Get More Expensive in March

Webinars, the final frontier.

Eventually, you will give webinars. It’s the fastest and easiest way to make and market high ticket products.

All you need to do it is you, an Internet connection and GoToWebinar.

But in case you still haven’t heard or taken action, GoToWebinar is about to raise their prices by up to 5x, which means that you could be paying $499 a month for the same service that you can have for only $99/month till the end of February.

In fact, if you tried to join from the GoToWebinar front page, it WOULD cost you $499/month for up to 1000 participants.

But if you act now, before the end of February, you can get the best webinar service on the planet and the best webinar training from two guys who’ve already logged over 200 webinars (totaling over 400 hours) in the past year alone.

For only $47, you’ll get in the door and be presented with a link that will allow you to pay up to 80% less than anyone who wanders over to the GoToWebinar web page.

And you’ll get the first tips and techniques on how you can start running webinars, creating instant high ticket products and close more sales than you ever before.

I know these guys are good since I’ve attended over 30 of their webinars (over 60 hours) and I’ve seen how they mix training with marketing to attract and sell their products using webinars.

I even gave a webinar with one of them as part of a product creation course they offer.

What makes webinars so powerful is the live interaction. I love being able to ask questions and get them answered right away. Don’t you?

Webinars make it possible to get that one-on-one feeling, and for you to answer your prospects’ individual questions since you can choose which questions to address and immediately answer the question for many other people at the same time.

And after the webinar is over, you offer the recording as its own product.

Cool, right? It’s effective for sure.

Ok, ebooks are still good, pre-recorded video is better, but there is nothing like a live webinar – because of the interaction.

There is, however, a right way and a wrong way to give webinars, so you’ll want to get trained by two guys who’ve already made most of the mistakes you would make and have refined and perfected a method of doing webinars for the highest impact. Then they created an easy-to-follow, step by step system.

You can get instant access to their system here, along with the special discount link to GoToWebinar.

The thought of having to pay $499 a month for GoToWebinar got me to take the leap into webinars, I hope you jump in as well.

Act now. Sign up for the course. The special link for GoToWebinar in on the front page of the membership site. Click it to sign up for your free 45-day trial which with grandfather you into GoToWebinar at the end of the trail period at the old rate of $99 for up to 1000 participants.

See you there.