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Why Webinars are Better than Pre-Recorded Videos

Live webinars are much better than pre-recorded videos because live webinars give the audience a chance to interact with you. You can ask your audience a question and let them give you instant feedback. You can use the feedback to improve a future product or even change the direction of your current presentation so that it’s more relevant to your audience.

You can also conduct polls to gage your prospects’ interest in particular features of your product. Polls also increase the attentiveness of your audience, since people will want to know how others are thinking about a given topic.

Another thing that live webinars offer is the ability for your prospects to get to know your personality and build up trust so that they will feel comfortable spending money on your products. Personality is very important when you are marketing anything online since many people use a fake name to hide their identity and don’t stand behind their products. By going “live” on the Internet you’re telling the world that you have nothing to hide and that you are who you say you are.

Webinars give product launches a huge boost over recorded video. If you do it right, people will sign up while the webinar is still in session and can give you feedback about technical issues with your server or membership site. Pre-recorded video is great for warm up, but when you launch, do it on a webinar.

Finally, live webinars let you add urgency to your call to action. After all, every webinar should move your participants to take action right away. Also you can bring in the element of scarcity much more effectively. You can see the degree of excitement that your audience has and possibly add a bonus or two.

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