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How to Simplify SEO with a WordPress Plugin

Optimizing your blog posts for search engines (SEO) can be a chore. It can also interfere with your message.

If you’re like me, you just want to write your post and have the search engines find it under the keywords that bring you the most responsive readers. They add the most to the conversation and they are the most likely to buy your products. You also want to grow your list.

But you know it doesn’t work that way. If you’re not careful, you wind up ranking high for strange keywords.

Besides, some people make SEO seem like rocket science so they can sell you a fancy program or plugin.

Worst of all, trying to concentrate on keyword optimization when you’re writing can be very distracting.

Let’s say you write an article about how to learn English and you rank high for sea gulls than you do for learn English.

Not so with Scribe SEO.

Recently I found a nifty WordPress plugin that takes the guesswork out of SEO. It helps you to rank high for keywords you want to rank high for. In addition, it tells you how you can write so more of your readers can follow what you’re saying.

ScribeSEO  makes search engine optimization fun and easy by looking silently over your shoulder while you write. Then it gives you just what you need to know.

When you click ANALYZE, Scribe SEO tells figures out what keywords have the most prominence. You also see at a glance which keywords the search engines will most like rank highly.

After you modify your text to take advantage of the suggested improvements, you can have ScribeSEO review your text again until you have completely optimized your text.

Check out Scribe SEO today and start getting the attention you deserve from your blog posts.