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What are Your Top 3 Productivity Tips?

My top three  productivity tips are mindset, focus, and 3 daily tasks.

Mindset is by far the most useful productivity tool. Vividly imagine yourself as someone who already has the habits of a winner.

This technique is magical, because you will always act in accordance with the way you see yourself.

If you see yourself as someone who struggles, you will act like someone who hasn’t quite made it. Others will sense that identity and will not treat you as if you were already successful.

See yourself as a winner and you will act like a winner. Others will treat you like a winner. And when you are looking for resources to overcome new obstacles, you will unconsciously model and adopt the attitude of a winner.

Focus is another important productivity tool.

Focus is vital to getting things done fast because it taps into the full power of your mind. When you allow yourself to aim your full attention at your current task, your unconscious mind automatically solves problems that it has dealt with before. Your unconscious mind works incredibly fast and efficiently.

Have you ever gone into your kitchen and found it all organized and clean and realized that you were thinking of something entirely different while you were cleaning? Did you actually wonder for a moment how it got so clean, especially since you didn’t remember cleaning it? Or maybe you don’t remember getting dressed or the drive to work…

That was your unconscious mind working at lightning speed because you gave it the go-ahead to focus and act on your behalf.

Since you don’t have to waste time re-thinking routine tasks when you trust your unconscious and focus, that means that the conscious part of your mind only has to solve new problems.

Some practical ways to improve your focus is to avoid things that can distract you. So turn off your cell phone, put it on vibrate, or discipline yourself to let calls go to voice mail. If the caller doesn’t leave a message, it obviously wasn’t that important anyway.

The last productivity tool I will mention could easily go first.

Every day you should find three tasks to complete. Just note the first three things that come to your mind today and make them your official three tasks. Setting yourself three daily tasks does several things.

First, it gives your mind something to focus on. Your mind is always active and it works best when it has a problem to solve or a goal to achieve.

When you finish your three tasks you will get a sense of accomplishment. You might think that small doesn’t matter, but over time, it makes all the difference.

When you are constantly meeting your goals – even small ones, you get a sense that you can do what you set out to do. The tasks can become more ambitious. As they do your sense that you can realize your dreams becomes stronger.

You gain confidence and momentum. You become highly resistant to negative influences like procrastination and self-doubt.

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