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3 Reasons Why the Thesis Theme for WordPress is Better

The Thesis theme for WordPress enables you to reach highest percentage of your target audience better than any other WordPress theme. Here are three reasons why.

First, the Thesis theme is easy to understand. The simple interface gives you complete design control at the click of a mouse.

Thesis also integrates hooks which allow you to remove parts of the theme framework or to enhance it with design elements of your own without having to modify the original theme code. This keeps the code clean and makes it easier to reverse changes that don’t give the desired results.

In the latest version at the time of this writing (v1.8), you can even backup and restore configuration changes you make within the Thesis theme. That means that you can set up a number of sites with the same or similar settings without having to go through each of the settings for each site.

This comes in handy if you create a number of products and want to set up a blog instance and a members instance of each site with the same optimized layout and configuration

The creator of the Thesis theme also optimized the code for SEO.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) makes it easy for search engines like Google to understand what each of your blog posts or articles is about. That means more people will find your content and will follow your call to action.

Because of the unique design of the Thesis, you will make most if not all changes within only two files.  That makes it easy to find changes you have made. In most themes you would need to fiddle with a half dozen different files to make changes.

In other WordPress themes, changing elements such as the header, footer, sidebars, or the style require you to modify a separate file for each element. With Thesis, you only have two files.

If you are not much of a coder, then you will appreciate the helpful and experienced folks who hang out in the support forums.

I love Thesis and use it on all of my sites. It is an easy product to promote. I’m proud to be an affiliate. Get your copy today!

Dimdim vs GoToMeeting and Webex

Dimdim has a great offering for their free version.  Still, it’s not my first choice. When you compare it with GoToMeeting and Webex, you’ll see my point.

Didim has a lot going for it. It’s simple to get a session going, it has webcam integration and, probably most attractive, it has a free version.

When I took it for a test drive yesterday, though, I immediately noticed a significant lag between the two computers that I connected. In addition, the audio was a tad choppy. It was still quite usable, and the interface is quite intuitive.

So my feeling is, for informal meetings, it’s great, especially for the price.

If you want to hold more formal meetings where you want to avoid as many distractions as possible, y ou may want to consider GoToMeeting or Webex.

Especially if you are holding meetings or webinars in order to convince and to sell, you want reliability.

Let’s face it, you want your participants to focus on your message instead of the technology you’re using to deliver your information, right?

None of these three online meeting solutions is perfect. I’ve been on many GoToMeeting meetings and webinars. Occasionally the audio drops and you have to reconnect. The same has happened for me with Webex.

The point is that most people who use online collaboration tools are running a business that depends on getting the message out. The quality of the solution directly affects the bottom line.

For me, Dimdim is the Smart Car of online meeting solutions. It gets you from point A to point B at a minimal cost.

The Ferrari of the group is GoToMeeting.  It does have significant cost, but then the look the feel and, most importantly, the performance is unequaled.  It sports an intuitive user interface, fast screen refresh and has the highest degree of reliability.

The only things that GoToMeeting is missing, in my opinion, is the webcam that both Dimdim and Webex have.

I’m an affiliate for GoToMeeting and Dimdim. I use GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar extensively.

I encourage you to test each for yourself using the free trial for both GoToMeeting and Dimdim so you can see which is right for you.

3 Keys to a Profitable Pitch Webinar

An increasing number of Internet marketers are using webinars to sell their products. Here the three keys to a profitable pitch webinar.

Being excited about the material is a must. It takes care of issues like lack of focus, confidence, clear delivery, stumbling, stuttering and losing the attention of your participants.

You won’t be perfect in all those areas, but your participants will feel the enthusiasm and forgive you for your shortcomings. They will even consider some of your mistakes just part of your personality.

One of the marketers I follow – and the one I’ve learned the most from – talks too fast and has a tendency to say inappropriate things. But you feel his excitement in every sentence which tends to mesmerize you. I should add that he knows what he’s talking about, which always helps.

A good pitch webinar always starts out with a lot of free actionable information. You want to give you participants a takeaway that they can use. They feel that you have given them valuable information they can use.

Free actionable information is key because it builds trust and gives your audience the change to get to know you. You also build a bond of trust which will allow them to take action on your offer later.

Scarcity is the third key to a profitable pitch webinar. When done correctly, you can close a large percentage of your audience during the webinar. That is possible due to the immediacy of a live webinar and the proper usage of scarcity.

Scarcity means that you offer limited time bonuses, announce that the price will go up in a few hours or days after the end of the session. You can also offer a limited number of slots. You can shut down the offer after 50-250 sales, depending on the price point of the product.

By using one or more of these means of scarcity, you can leverage a live pitch webinar to its maximum and assure the highest conversion possible.

The best test of these ideas is to give your own webinar. You can even start today without spending a dime. Start with your free trial of the best webinar software available. Schedule your pitch today!