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HDFaces Lets You Meet Face to Face from Anywhere

HDFaces is exciting technology because it puts a face to a voice and to a screen capture presentation. What will HDFaces mean for your sales?

HDFaces is an added feature for Citrix’s screen sharing products GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar and GoToTraining. Citrix says HDFaces will launch Q1 of 2011.

First let’s talk about the advantages of the technology itself. At least in theory, your participants will feel more in touch with you when they can see you. Also, you can gauge your prospects’ reactions better if you can see them.

Are they leaning back and looking interested, or are they looking away and picking their noses? Do they look confused, attentive, bored?

Depending on their reaction, you can adjust your presentation to eliminate any confusion – even if the prospect doesn’t articulate the resistance to taking action.

Like in a face-to-face meeting, you can read the expression in their face.

As the name implies, HDFaces claims full HD (up to 1920x960p) resolution. They claim that it demands 20% less bandwidth than stand-alone video conferencing solutions, all of which should mean that your presentation is relatively free of interruptions.

Anyone who has run many webinars or meetings knows that as good as the GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar services are, you will encounter occasional interruptions in audio or video. But some of that is due to issues of the ISPs that participants use to connect to those services.

In theory, HDFaces should help you enhance trust, make your prospects more relaxed, since they will have a visual way to judge your sincerity.

With the added trust and relaxation won through your prospect seeing you, you will be able to convince more of your prospects and make more sales.

My feeling is HDFaces is something that you will want to test. In some situations it will benefit you greatly as suggested above. In other situations it will only be a distraction and you will choose not to turn it on.

Since Citrix is integrating HDFaces into GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar at no additional cost, you don’t have to make any decisions whether to upgrade. You will be free to use it or not in the situation that it serves you.

You can get a free trial of GoToMeeting today. It the next couple months your software will automatically be upgraded to include HDFaces.

Join GoToWebinar from Your Android Phone

UPDATE!: You can now join GOTOWEBINAR via your Android phone. Just click on the registration link from your phone and it will prompt to install the GoToMeeting application and join you to the Webinar if it is in progress. Enjoy!

GoToWebinar and GoToMeeting belong on Android phones. Here is why you should care.

It’s clear that with Android phone sales outstripping the iPhone, GoToWebinar will soon appear on the Android platform.

I thought my G2 was cool two years ago, but when I got my MyTouch 4G in November, my iPhone envy died for good. The MyTouch 4G is fast and keeps multiple programs running. The number of Android apps is around 140,000, which gives me lots of choice in functionality.

So about the only thing that is missing is GoToWebinar. With the arrival of the Gigahertz Snapdragon processors from Qualcomm, screen capture video with audio flows smoothly over the Android screen.

At least the swf replays are fine on the MyTouch 4G, so how about the live sessions?

Depending on whether you give more webinars than you attend, you will want GoToWebinar and GoToMeeting on your Android phone for one of the following reasons.

I’m often on the go when a webinar I want to attend is live, so I would like the ability to follow the live action from wherever I am. I can listen now, but on a good webinar, you need to see the screen to fully appreciate what is going on.

As an Internet marketer, you don’t want to limit your audience to those people who are able to sitting in front of a computer screen for the duration of your presentation.

A lot of people have full time jobs and kids. And those are some of your best prospects. They have enough income and the drive to get into Internet marketing and continue to buy increasingly higher-end products.

But a lot of these people don’t have much time to sit in front of a computer screen. They probably do have a mobile phone. That phone is increasingly likely to be and Android phone.

So if you can get them to click on that GoToWebinar link and enter into your live pitch webinar and  to  interact with you, then you’re most likely to make a sale.

Sign up for a free trial of GoToWebinar today and get yourself in front of the sales wave. GoToWebinar for Android can’t be far away.

Wishlist Member 2 for 1 Membership Software Special – Act Now!

Wishlist Member keeps getting better with each new release. Worth twice the price, you can get it for a limited time for half price when you buy two.

Wishlist Member is a membership site plugin that installs in minutes and leverages the powerful features of the free blogging software known as WordPress.

You can have both up and running with just a few mouse clicks.

One of the coolest things about Wishlist Member is that you can set up a proctected download area for your content. Something a lot of people don’t understand about a membership site is that you don’t have to keep creating content forever.

You can set up a one time (single payment) membership site with just one video or pdf in it. You offer the content as a single payment membership site.

The power of Wishlist Member s that you can easily integrate a payment processor like Paypal, such that your prospects can read your sales page, click on the buy link, pay and get instant access to your content automatically.

And that means you are free to create another site, or market the existing site while the sales roll in.

Of course you can have multiple payment sites as well. But even those can be fixed term so you can create a four week course and let your members pay over the four weeks. The fixed term sites work well because you can offer your members lifetime access after a certain number of payments. If they quit paying, they lose all access, but if they stay till the final payment they get access for life. It is a very effective incentive.

For a very limited time you can get Wishlist Member on a 2 for 1 special. Do it now and you can have your membership site up today!

Are Premium WordPress Themes Worth the Price?

Premium WordPress themes can fill the basic need of putting a face on your blog. Here are three things that make a premium (paid) WordPress theme worth the money, if you want to use your blog to do more than just gather virtual dust.

You may not realize it, but without a theme, WordPress displays a blank page. The theme is what gives your blog its face.

A good premium WordPress theme will make it easy to put your personality into your blog design. Since it’s best to get up and running now and make improvements as you go, a premium theme should allow you to make those changes easily. In addition, your theme should protect you from changes to the environment like updates to WordPress or to the theme itself.

A premium theme should allow you to get more exposure then you would get from an unpaid theme. A good premium WordPress theme will separate the actual content of your blog from the styling code. This makes it easier for Google to know what audience you are targeting with you blog and give your blog more exposure with that crowd. You get more traffic, hopefully more money and the premium theme pays for itself.

A third feature that a good premium WordPress theme should offer is outstanding support.  Even better than phone support is a user supported forum where expert users almost compete to give you the quickest answers to any questions related to the theme.

The one WordPress theme that I have found that gives you all the benefits described above is the Thesis theme for WordPress.

I use on all my sites and highly recommend it.

On this blog, I have seen my articles indexed on Google literally within minutes. With each update the theme has become more feature-rich and easier to use.

I have even made videos on Thesis which I include in a membership site called Thesis Theme Magic

All I can say is that if you go with the Thesis theme, you won’t be sorry.