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Do Automated Webinars kill Evergreen Business Systems?

Webinars are (still) all the rage.

Webinars, you know, that’s where you share your screen with a bunch of people who can also hear you talk at the same time.

So let’s say you want to demo a product and then send your audience to a sales page to buy that product.

The big advantage of webinars over recorded video is that webinars are delivered in real time to a live audience.

The creates a sense of urgency to any call to action, like, buy my product.

The problem is that everyone has started giving webinars, so just announcing that you are giving a webinar no longer makes you stand out from the crowd.

Even so, savvy marketers know that a live webinar converts much better than any any other form of sales pitch.

Thing is, in order to do live webinars, you have to actually take the time to deliver each and every webinar.

Therein lies the Achilles heel of webinars: They aren’t scalable, since there is no way of cloning yourself and appearing on multiple live webinars.

Or is there….

Clever marketers thought about it and, despite their better judgement, came up with a way to overcome technology’s failure to perfect human cloning.

Some call them automated webinars. Others refer to the practice as rolling webinars or stealth webinars.

They know that if you don’t put in dates and times and other information that give away when the webinar was held, you can use the webinar over and over again. Webinars that have this timeless quality to them are referred to as “evergreen webinars.”

Whatever you call them, they are really nothing other than webinar replays behind a fancy interface that tries to trick you into believing that the dude giving the webinar is there when you are.

If selling is all about getting your prospects to know, like and trust you, lying to them by asking them to sign up and attend a live webinar where you imply that you will be there live as well and then serving them a webinar replay isn’t going to fool many people for long.

And you know the old saying….fool me once, shame on you.

Most serious, potential long term customers won’t offer you a replay on their purchase from you.

So I say, stick with a live webinar that helps you build a strong relationship with your list and website visitors.

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