7 Reasons Why You Should Start a Membership Site Today

Starting a membership site is easier than it ever has been. You will be surprised why some people set one up and why you should too.

Reason#7: Membership sites keep your visitors and clients coming back to your site. It’s  one more way you can get your message out to people about additional products and services. You can even just offer upsells to your current product line and make it simple for your customers to upgrade.

Reason#6.5: Password resets are easy for everyone. Instead of having to re-send the download link or username and password, your WordPress membership site can allow your members to reset their passwords by themselves.

Reason#6: Membership sites you give easy content delivery. Adding content is as easy as creating a new post. Recent improvements to WordPress make adding video and audio content just as simple as adding an article.

Reason#5: You can offer a payment plan. Want to sell a course for $497, but  you know your list won’t shell out that much money at once? Break it down into five payments and drip the content out over time. You can either do this using levels built into Wishlist Member or via a drip plugin.

Reason#4: If a member stops paying, you can cut off access automatically. If they re-join, they start over from the beginning. This increases the incentive to remain a member.

Reason# 3: You can easily notify your members of changes. In contrast to a one-time download link, you can put a sticky post on the front page of your membership site that will alert all of your members of any changes to your site. Follow that up with an email to your members referring them back to your site and you make it easy for them and for you.

Reason#2: Using the built-in WordPress comments feature, collecting testimonials becomes a snap! You can ask members for their feedback. What part of the course did they find the most useful? Often the answer is a sweet testimonial for you.

Reason#1: Create a source of recurring income. Although a membership site doesn’t have to mean forced continuity where your members have to pay month after month, you can ease them into it with single payment, then fixed multiple payments and finally full never-ending payments. To keep them you offer a question and answer webinar once a month.

So there you have seven reasons to start your membership site today. I highly recommend you use the WordPress plugin Wishlist Member. I use it for all my membership sites.  And I’m not alone. There are over 36,000 other sites using it as well.

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