7 Ways to Profit from Webinars

Webinars are profitable.  Here are seven ways you can start profiting from webinars today.

Webinars are , of course, simply screen capture broadcasts with audio. So people can see your computer screen in real time and hear you describing what you are doing. The nifty thing about webinars is that they allow you create the kind of atmosphere where products sell best, fastest and most easily.

Webinars allow your attendees to have immediate access to you. Wouldn’t you love to shout out a question in the middle of some presentation without being kicked out of the room? With webinars, you have that immediacy that people crave. They get to ask questions directly to the person(s) running the presentation (via chat) and you get to work the answer into your presentation that adds value not only to the one asking the question, but to everyone else as well. It’s a fantastic way to increase conversions.

At the same time, you can ignore silly or irrelevant questions without offending anyone and without losing any time waiting for someone to put the questions into words.

Webinars also create scarcity and promote action taking, which increases sales significantly. Many people offer bonuses which expire when the webinar ends. It’s an effect  that’s hard to duplicate with a static sales page, even using a countdown timer.

Affiliate Sales

One of the quickest ways to get up and running with webinars is to promote someone’s product who has a good affiliate program. It can be an someone else’s online course, a WordPress plugin, software or a physical product through an online seller. Any product will do and it’s a great way to get your feet wet with webinars. Every technology has a learning curve. The faster you master the basics, the quicker you can profit from using webinars in a variety of ways.

Since you don’t need to spend time creating a product, you can dedicate yourself to promoting the product through a webinar. Outline the benefits of the product in a few bullets points and create a couple slides in a PowerPoint presentation and then demonstrate the product. You can offer a recording of your webinar as your affiliate bonus and reward those who buy through your link.

Instant Products

The webinar that you just created could be considered an instant product. As soon as you create and record a webinar, even if no one shows up, you have an instant product. Another way of creating an instant product from a webinar is to create a pitch webinar selling access to the live presentation of a more in depth demo of a product. It could be an affiliate product or your own.

Live Courses

Another way to profit from webinars is to create a live course. Whereas an instant product is the result of giving a single webinar, a live course can run over several days or weeks. Let’s say you create a course on how to use WordPress. You could break the course into four parts, sell the course in advance and schedule the four sessions over four weeks.

Product Launches

Once you have outlined your live course, you can create a pitch webinar to promote it. The trick to launching a product with a pitch webinar is to give people a sense for why the need the live course without actually giving out the content of the course. Again you get to leverage the immediacy and the intimacy of a live webinar to get attendees to take action sooner rather than later on your offer.

Q&A Sessions

Webinars are a perfect way of running question and answer sessions. You can  use live Q&A sessions as a bonus to get more people to buy your product, or to remain a member of a recurring membership site where the members pay monthly. So you can use webinar based Q&A sessions to increase your retention.

Selling Replays

A lot of times you will want to post free replays to your pitch webinars to continue selling with the webinar recording. In some instances you will be able to sell the replay of the webinar separately. If you give a lot of good value in your webinars, you may be able to sell just the replay, even if the live webinar was for free.

Build Your List

Building your list with webinars is another way you can profit from webinars. Use a WordPress plugin that automatically registers the people  for the webinar who opt in on your squeeze page.

As you can see there are a lot of ways to profit from webinars. The best and easiest approach is to signup for a free 30 trial of GoToWebinar and start giving webinars during the trial period.

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