Backup Creator WordPress Plugin Review

Backup Creator is an easy-to-use, one click complete WordPress backup solution with a couple surprising extras.

If you have ever tried to backup your entire blog or WordPress website you know that the manual way is complicated and time consuming. The free “automated” solutions aren’t much better.

And since your time is money or at least it should be, you can’t afford to take that time.

The biggest benefit of  Backup Creator is that it is saves you time.

It is a complete system that backups your entire WordPress website or blog: Posts, pages, design configuration, databases, membership sites, plugins, themes, etc.

It backups everything with one click. And it’s fast!

I’ve used it to move a half dozen sites from one hosting provider to another and I was amazed at how simple, quick and easy the whole process was.

Backup Creator installs like any other WordPress plugin with in less than a minute. Once installed, you are literally one click away from having a reliable and complete backup.

Restoring the backup only takes a couple more steps and is totally stress free.

A unique feature of Backup Creator is that it can pull the files to be restored directly from the original server where the website that you want to copy resides. So you don’t have to waste time copying the backup file to the target server. Backup Creator does the work for you.

If you’ve every had your website suddenly quit working, you’ve felt the pain.

That never has to happen again. Install the plugin and run it and your website or blog will be fully protected.

So instead of spending countless hours recreating the look, feel and content of your site, you can be creating content for the next one and making more money.

Or you can spend the extra time on the beach with your family, if you prefer…

Since Backup creator enables you to create exact duplicates of WordPress websites, you can offer services such as design and configuration of sites which you can then quickly install on your clients’ domain.

Instead of leaving your client to sweat over installing what they paid you for, you can give them peace-of-mind in addition to an awesome design.

Currently the plugin is selling for much less than the price of similar but, in my opinion, mostly inferior solutions. But the creator of Backup Creator has pledged to continue to increase the price up to $97.

So act fast to get your copy today. You get it here now.



  1. Hey Roger–I backed up my site with the latest version, and now I’m trying to restore it to a new wp blog on another server.
    I followed the directions from the video, and from the pdf–

    Two files were backed up: (ZIP FILE) (INSTALLER)
    step 5 of the backupcreator install pdf said to save the new zip file plus the installer file (above) to my desktop. I then tried uploading the new zip file–but after half an hour it’s still “connecting” and doesn’t seem to upload.
    So I tried this method:
    Point & Click Restore (Recommended)

    If you would like to restore this backup onto another WordPress blog, just download the: Backup Creator Plugin

    So I tried saving this file to my desktop, but it doesn’t save as a zip file; instead, it saves it as a “backup creator plugin.htm” file; so when I tried uploading, it failed.
    I sent a message to the help desk, but previous messages have gone unattended.
    not sure what to try next!
    could you please help?
    thanks a bunch,

  2. Hey Rik,

    Hopefully you’ve been able to restore by now. But if not…

    The easiest way to restore is to grab the backup creator plugin that is generated after the backup and install that onto your new blog. If you just right click, select your location and the click save, it should save as a ZIP.

    Robert has a video and I actually made one myself. You can watch mine here:

    Please watch my video and if you’re still having problems, let me know.


  3. Hey, Roger.

    Thanks for making this video. I’ve been considering purchasing Back-up Creator for days, but hadn’t made a decision yet. So, today, I bit the bullet, and decided to do some research. Other than one review that seems to be posted everyone (and not attributed to anyone), I found your review and a handful of others. But I found yours to be the most useful. The video is great, and I truly appreciate being able to see the plug-in “in action” so to speak, before making my purchase. Now, I feel more comfortable doing so. Thanks for that!


  4. Hey Roger–
    Thanks for your note! I tried all those directions, but did not get a zip file to upload into the new wp–instead I got an html file. Lance told me to try it again with the newest version–1.07–
    but now I get this error message when I tried to back it up:
    Warning: exec() has been disabled for security reasons in [code for my file]: eval()’d code(3) : eval()’d code on line 3
    any suggestions?

  5. hi again–despite the warning above, it said backup file was complete–but instead of downloading a zip file, it downloaded an html.part file:
    [various figures].html.part
    which then fails when I try to activate plugin on the new blog.
    so it seems like I’m running across a glitch again–

  6. I just invested in this plugin to move a client website from one host to another – big mistake. It only copied about half the install across, then force logged me out of the admin panel, and I now can’t get back in as it appears to have erased the admin user :0

    Support has been useless as all they had to say was “you didn’t buy a developer license so we’re refunding you”. No offer to sell me an upgrade (which isn’t purchasable from the sales page anyway), no offer to look into the problem.

    As a test, I tried it on another couple of my personal sites – one site with only two posts copied fine, but another one with over 100 went completely crazy and now won’t even load the destination blog at all – it just tried to download a .php file instead of opening it in the browser?!

    So bottom line is, use it on small sites at your own risk, but definitely make sure you don’t delete the old site and don’t rely on this as a backup solution.

  7. I think the “bottom line” is that you should not misuse your license and expect the developer to reward you with giving you his personal attention that you didn’t pay for.

    Over 20,000 sites are currently being backed up with Backup Creator and Robert has recently added some awesome new features.

    It’s a great plugin, keeps getting better and I recommend it now more than ever.

    In fairness I urge everyone to go right now to the Backup Creator website and read the testimonials there..

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