How to Quadruple Your Signups with Action Popup

Would you like to quadruple your signups for your website, blog or sales letter by adding a simple plugin to WordPress?

I wasn’t able to consistently build a list until I stumbled upon a little WordPress plugin called Action Popup. Since then my subscriber numbers have been growing steadily and effortlessly.

Action Popup solves the biggest problems of the busy marketer: It’s easy to install and setup, it’s unblockable, and it’s effective.

Michel Fortin, the well-known copywriter and blogger, claims that Action PopUp “more than quadrupled” his signups!

Installation in a WordPress blog is as easy as copying the plugin to the plugin folder on your server and activating it. The creator of Action PopUp, Robert Plank, includes a 30 second installation video to make installation and setup even easier.

Integration with popular auto-responders, like AWeber, is a snap. Just design your option form as you normally would and paste the raw HTML code into the Action PopUp configuration box.

Normally you wouldn’t want to put an optin form on a sales page, since you want the visitor to focus and follow through with the purchase and not have the option to leave the page for any other reason. Sales letter etiquette 101, right?

With Action Optin, included as a bonus, the signup process is automatically handled by a php script in the background, so your visitor never leaves the page. That means that you have the signup and the sale, too!

Action Optin actually gives you back screen space after the visitor opts in, replacing the optin form with a thank you message of your choosing or creation.

Do you want to get more visitors who leave comments on your list? The second bonus included, Action Comments does just that. It puts a little checkbox under the comment box that makes it effortless for visitors who leave a comment to opt in and join your list. A recent update even enables you to allow your visitors to register for your webinars via

Whether you believe that the money is in the list or in someone else’s list, you owe it to yourself to start building yours today. One of the biggest mistakes that Internet marketers make is not to have a list and to mail to that list regularly. Direct response marketing is the best way to build a long term relationshp with your visitors.

You can get a kick start your list and get Action Popup today.

How to Make Your Dreams Pay the Bills

If you need a plan to go from zero to wealthy in Internet marketing and a way to get you off your butt and actually do it, you should download Time Management On Crack today.

Although I was impressed with Robert Plank’s own achievements using the time-saving, tried-and-true techniques he outlines in his report, I was even more awed with the results they brought me.

I’ve gone from being a dreamer to becoming a producer.

Do you want to make your dreams pay the bills? Time Management on Crack is the blueprint with a bite for your home based business that will transform your work from home job into a stay at home paycheck.

Plank has a knack for getting people to move outside their comfort zone and a way of reducing otherwise complicated tasks into easy-to-follow, step-by-step procedures that almost any idiot could use to be successful. Then Plank adds a kick in the pants to challenge, annoy and move you to actually do it.

Just remember this formula: Mindset + Knowledge + Action = Success

In Time Management on Crack you’ll discover how to develop a winning mindset by following simple procedures that Plank motivates you to put into action.

Does that sound like a recipe for success to you?

Here a just are just a few things you’ll put to use when you grab your copy of Time Management On Crack:

• How to create good content quickly and easily
• How to stay motivated and maintain momentum
• How to deal with information overload
• His own proven strategy to create a small product quickly, test it, and how to increase its value when there is a strong demand.
• How to go beyond written copy and leverage videos and webinars to rapidly add value to existing or affiliate products while increasing traffic and conversions.
• The benefits of producing in bulk. How to do it and how to leverage it for maximum return.
• And much more…

Take a moment to read the testimonialsof many others who have discovered the gold nuggets in Time Management on Crack.

Is Affiliate Prophet Really “The No-Fail Affiliate Marketing System”?

“If Affiliate Prophet can show me how I can revive even one “dead” campaign and turn it into steady income stream, then it is well worth the $97,” said the wise marketer.

Ok, that is what I said to MYSELF, but it sounds better the way I said it above.

Just think, you have already written a killer presell page, tweaked and optimized your campaign, culled your keyword list eliminating all the keywords that you think aren’t making any sales, tried every bidding strategy that the gurus have written about and after a painful outlay of cash, you decide to pause the campaign and go get a drink.

But then you hear about Affiliate Prophet, and  — in a bout of madness — you BUY IT and revive the campaign and KAZAAM, it works. The profits pour in and everything that Peter Yoon said about his product turns out to be true for you….

Whoa…easy big guy.

Now I will buy and report back and dust off a couple of paused campaigns and report back how it went.

Just to be clear, here are some of the claims of what Affiliate Prophet will do:

  • Creates $100 a Day Campaign on Demand
  • Tell you exactly where the money is… immediately using the revolutionary AIDA Formula.
  • Skyrockets conversions on all affiliate campaigns
  • Quickly transforms worthless sites to earning $2000 a month.
  • Doesn’t give other affiliates a fighting chance against you

Like I said above, my current favorite is transforming worthless sites into $2000/mo. Just for fun, mind you. Not that I need the money to, say, pay the mortgage or anything….

I want to say that I feel sort of guilty about not giving other affiliates a fighting chance, but I won’t say it, cause I will be too busy counting my COLD HARD CASH!

At the moment, I can only offer funny stories if you buy the Affiliate Prophet from my link here, but after I have used it a while I should be able to hire someone to write a bonus…or I’ll just make my funny stories the bonus. And you can laugh along all the way to the bank with me that you were smart enough to buy it at all.

Stay tuned for my testing results…

CBengine Pro: The Ultimate Clickbank Marketing Tool

If you are serious about making money online, Clickbank is definitely the place to start.

And if you are serious about selling Clickbank products, CBengine Pro will let you do an end run around the competition.

For the uninitiated, Clickbank is a directory of digital products and one of the best known affiliate programs on the Internet.

The nice thing about Clickbank is that the only real criteria to be accepted into the program is the ability to fill out an online form and the possession of a valid e-mail address. That makes it great for those who want to set up shop on the Internet fast and immediately start learning Internet marketing techiques instead of waiting around for somebody to reject them.

Don’t worry, you’ll receive plenty of rejection when you promote your first product. No need for a slap in the face before you even start.

Many of the products that you will find on Clickbank are actually very useful and sell very well. In addition to the make money online products, you can find everything from anxiety cures to dog training, acne remedies to water for gas how-to books.

In all there are currently over 10,000 products you can promote.

With that many products, it is nice to have a tool that tells you which ones are hot and which ones to plain stay away from.

That is where CBengine Pro comes in. CBengine Pro presents you with an easy-to-read overview of all Clickbank products and has developed metrics to help you judge which Clickbank products are selling well, which ones have stagnated and which ones are trending down. You can also see at a glance new products, relisted and discontinued items.

As with most Internet productivity tools, you can get most of the information from Clickbank directly. After all, CBengine Pro uses Clickbanks own database to produce most of its data.

But like all must have Internet Marketing tools, CBengine Pro adds value by giving you information that enables you to save time and helps you  pick a winner so that you can spend your time making money instead of wasting your time spending your money.

Unlike many Internet marketing tools that charge $100-200 dollars up front plus a hefty monthly fee, CBengine Pro only costs $39.95 per month per YEAR, or for a limit time, you can get CBengine Pro for life for a one-time payment of only $97.