Backup Creator WordPress Plugin Review

Backup Creator is an easy-to-use, one click complete WordPress backup solution with a couple surprising extras.

If you have ever tried to backup your entire blog or WordPress website you know that the manual way is complicated and time consuming. The free “automated” solutions aren’t much better.

And since your time is money or at least it should be, you can’t afford to take that time.

The biggest benefit of  Backup Creator is that it is saves you time.

It is a complete system that backups your entire WordPress website or blog: Posts, pages, design configuration, databases, membership sites, plugins, themes, etc.

It backups everything with one click. And it’s fast!

I’ve used it to move a half dozen sites from one hosting provider to another and I was amazed at how simple, quick and easy the whole process was.

Backup Creator installs like any other WordPress plugin with in less than a minute. Once installed, you are literally one click away from having a reliable and complete backup.

Restoring the backup only takes a couple more steps and is totally stress free.

A unique feature of Backup Creator is that it can pull the files to be restored directly from the original server where the website that you want to copy resides. So you don’t have to waste time copying the backup file to the target server. Backup Creator does the work for you.

If you’ve every had your website suddenly quit working, you’ve felt the pain.

That never has to happen again. Install the plugin and run it and your website or blog will be fully protected.

So instead of spending countless hours recreating the look, feel and content of your site, you can be creating content for the next one and making more money.

Or you can spend the extra time on the beach with your family, if you prefer…

Since Backup creator enables you to create exact duplicates of WordPress websites, you can offer services such as design and configuration of sites which you can then quickly install on your clients’ domain.

Instead of leaving your client to sweat over installing what they paid you for, you can give them peace-of-mind in addition to an awesome design.

Currently the plugin is selling for much less than the price of similar but, in my opinion, mostly inferior solutions. But the creator of Backup Creator has pledged to continue to increase the price up to $97.

So act fast to get your copy today. You get it here now.


How to Use Thesis Hooks

Thesis Hooks make your job as website designer easier by giving you a simple way to modify the Thesis theme.  Here is a quick introduction.

Instead of making a number of changes in as many different files,  hooks enable you to hook into the theme framework while keeping all your changes in a single file. They are placeholder to add or subtract from the basic functionality of the theme.

This consolidation makes your design “future proof” since changes to the underlying theme or to WordPress is not affected.

The coolest thing about hooks is that by finding the appropriate Thesis hooks, you can customize the theme to do just about anything you want.

Let’s take an example:

Place Thesis Navigation Menu beneath the header
remove_action('thesis_hook_before_header' , 'thesis_nav_menu');
add_action('thesis_hook_after_header' , 'thesis_nav_menu');

To see it on your own installation, just copy the following lines into your custom_functions.php file in Thesis. The easiest way to do this is to start from your WordPress dashboard. Then click on the Custom File Editor under the Thesis heading on the left hand side of the dashboard.

From the example above you can see that the first line removes the navigation menu from its original position above the header. The second line simply re-inserts it after the header.

Simple, isn’t it?

Ok, for non-technical people, there is a bit of a learning curve. But after you learn a few simple techniques once you are good well into the future. Thesis is responsible keeping your design working with future upgrades of WordPress.

Now, let’s try adding some of our own text in. Most people want to change the footer from the default. Here is how you do it:

/* Custom Footer Hook */
remove_action('thesis_hook_footer', 'thesis_attribution');
function add_custom_footer ()
Roger Easlick,, 700 Eastlake Trail, Oxford, MI 48371, 248-841-4918

Privacy Policy - Terms of Service

add_action('thesis_hook_footer', 'add_custom_footer');

For techniques you haven’t mastered I am more than willing to help.

Get Thesis today and start blogging on a professional looking site right out of the box.

How to Quadruple Your Signups with Action Popup

Would you like to quadruple your signups for your website, blog or sales letter by adding a simple plugin to WordPress?

I wasn’t able to consistently build a list until I stumbled upon a little WordPress plugin called Action Popup. Since then my subscriber numbers have been growing steadily and effortlessly.

Action Popup solves the biggest problems of the busy marketer: It’s easy to install and setup, it’s unblockable, and it’s effective.

Michel Fortin, the well-known copywriter and blogger, claims that Action PopUp “more than quadrupled” his signups!

Installation in a WordPress blog is as easy as copying the plugin to the plugin folder on your server and activating it. The creator of Action PopUp, Robert Plank, includes a 30 second installation video to make installation and setup even easier.

Integration with popular auto-responders, like AWeber, is a snap. Just design your option form as you normally would and paste the raw HTML code into the Action PopUp configuration box.

Normally you wouldn’t want to put an optin form on a sales page, since you want the visitor to focus and follow through with the purchase and not have the option to leave the page for any other reason. Sales letter etiquette 101, right?

With Action Optin, included as a bonus, the signup process is automatically handled by a php script in the background, so your visitor never leaves the page. That means that you have the signup and the sale, too!

Action Optin actually gives you back screen space after the visitor opts in, replacing the optin form with a thank you message of your choosing or creation.

Do you want to get more visitors who leave comments on your list? The second bonus included, Action Comments does just that. It puts a little checkbox under the comment box that makes it effortless for visitors who leave a comment to opt in and join your list. A recent update even enables you to allow your visitors to register for your webinars via

Whether you believe that the money is in the list or in someone else’s list, you owe it to yourself to start building yours today. One of the biggest mistakes that Internet marketers make is not to have a list and to mail to that list regularly. Direct response marketing is the best way to build a long term relationshp with your visitors.

You can get a kick start your list and get Action Popup today.