Create A New Autoresponder List Using Aweber

How to Build a Big, Responsive List of Buyers

Do you want a system that gives you the simple and yet complete method for building a huge and responsive list of buyers?

Here are just some of the cool things I discovered from List Copywriting:

  • How to get traffic to consistently opt in
  • How to get the subscribers from your list to open my e-mails
  • 6 ways to fill up my follow-up sequence…
  • How to use PHP to build my list twice as fast…

In addition, Robert Plank and Lance Tamashiro will show you how to get your readers to click on your links and how to turn visitors into buyers.

I got access to this stuff by being part of a $1200 course on product creation, but you can get in the door on their awesome list building system for under $5 bucks at this writing.

One of the coolest things about Robert and Lance is that they’re not afraid to show you their actual statistics. They’re honest about what really works and doesn’t work for them. If they haven’t tried something, they won’t fake it.  You can see lots of proof here.

For the techniques they are familiar with they explain and show you how to do it.

They will help you with everything from the technical aspects of setting up an auto-responder, list building, auto-responder follow-ups to NLP and Cialdini tips and techniques to maximize your conversions.

If you want to make money online, either by creating and promoting your own products or as an affiliate, you’ll want to check out List Copywriting today.

How to Quadruple Your Signups with Action Popup

Would you like to quadruple your signups for your website, blog or sales letter by adding a simple plugin to WordPress?

I wasn’t able to consistently build a list until I stumbled upon a little WordPress plugin called Action Popup. Since then my subscriber numbers have been growing steadily and effortlessly.

Action Popup solves the biggest problems of the busy marketer: It’s easy to install and setup, it’s unblockable, and it’s effective.

Michel Fortin, the well-known copywriter and blogger, claims that Action PopUp “more than quadrupled” his signups!

Installation in a WordPress blog is as easy as copying the plugin to the plugin folder on your server and activating it. The creator of Action PopUp, Robert Plank, includes a 30 second installation video to make installation and setup even easier.

Integration with popular auto-responders, like AWeber, is a snap. Just design your option form as you normally would and paste the raw HTML code into the Action PopUp configuration box.

Normally you wouldn’t want to put an optin form on a sales page, since you want the visitor to focus and follow through with the purchase and not have the option to leave the page for any other reason. Sales letter etiquette 101, right?

With Action Optin, included as a bonus, the signup process is automatically handled by a php script in the background, so your visitor never leaves the page. That means that you have the signup and the sale, too!

Action Optin actually gives you back screen space after the visitor opts in, replacing the optin form with a thank you message of your choosing or creation.

Do you want to get more visitors who leave comments on your list? The second bonus included, Action Comments does just that. It puts a little checkbox under the comment box that makes it effortless for visitors who leave a comment to opt in and join your list. A recent update even enables you to allow your visitors to register for your webinars via

Whether you believe that the money is in the list or in someone else’s list, you owe it to yourself to start building yours today. One of the biggest mistakes that Internet marketers make is not to have a list and to mail to that list regularly. Direct response marketing is the best way to build a long term relationshp with your visitors.

You can get a kick start your list and get Action Popup today.