7 Ways to Profit from Webinars

Webinars are profitable.  Here are seven ways you can start profiting from webinars today.

Webinars are , of course, simply screen capture broadcasts with audio. So people can see your computer screen in real time and hear you describing what you are doing. The nifty thing about webinars is that they allow you create the kind of atmosphere where products sell best, fastest and most easily.

Webinars allow your attendees to have immediate access to you. Wouldn’t you love to shout out a question in the middle of some presentation without being kicked out of the room? With webinars, you have that immediacy that people crave. They get to ask questions directly to the person(s) running the presentation (via chat) and you get to work the answer into your presentation that adds value not only to the one asking the question, but to everyone else as well. It’s a fantastic way to increase conversions.

At the same time, you can ignore silly or irrelevant questions without offending anyone and without losing any time waiting for someone to put the questions into words.

Webinars also create scarcity and promote action taking, which increases sales significantly. Many people offer bonuses which expire when the webinar ends. It’s an effect  that’s hard to duplicate with a static sales page, even using a countdown timer.

Affiliate Sales

One of the quickest ways to get up and running with webinars is to promote someone’s product who has a good affiliate program. It can be an someone else’s online course, a WordPress plugin, software or a physical product through an online seller. Any product will do and it’s a great way to get your feet wet with webinars. Every technology has a learning curve. The faster you master the basics, the quicker you can profit from using webinars in a variety of ways.

Since you don’t need to spend time creating a product, you can dedicate yourself to promoting the product through a webinar. Outline the benefits of the product in a few bullets points and create a couple slides in a PowerPoint presentation and then demonstrate the product. You can offer a recording of your webinar as your affiliate bonus and reward those who buy through your link.

Instant Products

The webinar that you just created could be considered an instant product. As soon as you create and record a webinar, even if no one shows up, you have an instant product. Another way of creating an instant product from a webinar is to create a pitch webinar selling access to the live presentation of a more in depth demo of a product. It could be an affiliate product or your own.

Live Courses

Another way to profit from webinars is to create a live course. Whereas an instant product is the result of giving a single webinar, a live course can run over several days or weeks. Let’s say you create a course on how to use WordPress. You could break the course into four parts, sell the course in advance and schedule the four sessions over four weeks.

Product Launches

Once you have outlined your live course, you can create a pitch webinar to promote it. The trick to launching a product with a pitch webinar is to give people a sense for why the need the live course without actually giving out the content of the course. Again you get to leverage the immediacy and the intimacy of a live webinar to get attendees to take action sooner rather than later on your offer.

Q&A Sessions

Webinars are a perfect way of running question and answer sessions. You can  use live Q&A sessions as a bonus to get more people to buy your product, or to remain a member of a recurring membership site where the members pay monthly. So you can use webinar based Q&A sessions to increase your retention.

Selling Replays

A lot of times you will want to post free replays to your pitch webinars to continue selling with the webinar recording. In some instances you will be able to sell the replay of the webinar separately. If you give a lot of good value in your webinars, you may be able to sell just the replay, even if the live webinar was for free.

Build Your List

Building your list with webinars is another way you can profit from webinars. Use a WordPress plugin that automatically registers the people  for the webinar who opt in on your squeeze page.

As you can see there are a lot of ways to profit from webinars. The best and easiest approach is to signup for a free 30 trial of GoToWebinar and start giving webinars during the trial period.

Do Automated Webinars kill Evergreen Business Systems?

Webinars are (still) all the rage.

Webinars, you know, that’s where you share your screen with a bunch of people who can also hear you talk at the same time.

So let’s say you want to demo a product and then send your audience to a sales page to buy that product.

The big advantage of webinars over recorded video is that webinars are delivered in real time to a live audience.

The creates a sense of urgency to any call to action, like, buy my product.

The problem is that everyone has started giving webinars, so just announcing that you are giving a webinar no longer makes you stand out from the crowd.

Even so, savvy marketers know that a live webinar converts much better than any any other form of sales pitch.

Thing is, in order to do live webinars, you have to actually take the time to deliver each and every webinar.

Therein lies the Achilles heel of webinars: They aren’t scalable, since there is no way of cloning yourself and appearing on multiple live webinars.

Or is there….

Clever marketers thought about it and, despite their better judgement, came up with a way to overcome technology’s failure to perfect human cloning.

Some call them automated webinars. Others refer to the practice as rolling webinars or stealth webinars.

They know that if you don’t put in dates and times and other information that give away when the webinar was held, you can use the webinar over and over again. Webinars that have this timeless quality to them are referred to as “evergreen webinars.”

Whatever you call them, they are really nothing other than webinar replays behind a fancy interface that tries to trick you into believing that the dude giving the webinar is there when you are.

If selling is all about getting your prospects to know, like and trust you, lying to them by asking them to sign up and attend a live webinar where you imply that you will be there live as well and then serving them a webinar replay isn’t going to fool many people for long.

And you know the old saying….fool me once, shame on you.

Most serious, potential long term customers won’t offer you a replay on their purchase from you.

So I say, stick with a live webinar that helps you build a strong relationship with your list and website visitors.

Give GoToWebinar a try. You can get a 30-day free trial and start building a business today.

What To Do If Your are Ever Insulted on a Webinar

Recently I was on a question and answer webinar about webinars where a participant asked what he should do if someone insulted him while he was conducting a webinar.

The way you respond to an insult on a webinar will determine the success or failure of your webinar as well as your business.


Seriously, this is an important moment.

It’s important that you don’t lose sight of why you are giving a webinar in the first place. You want to get people to know, like, trust you…and take action on what you are telling them, right?

Maybe even buy what you’re selling?

So you get on a webinar, totally pumped about your topic, and up pops a message in the chat window about how your mother wears army boots.

You pause, enraged. “My mother never wore ARMY BOOTS, you idiot!”, you scream into the microphone. You go on for about 5 minutes about how anybody how would say such a thing must be a total idiot and described in lurid detail about how you will tear that person limb from limb until they fit in a tuna can if you should ever meet on the street somewhere.

And then you remember….Your mother did wear army boots till last year when she retired from the military.

And another realization comes over you.

No one know anything about why you went bezerkowitz except you possibly the competitor that insulted you.

You just made a complete fool out of yourself for no good reason.

Well, if it happens, get over it, and get back on another webinar as quickly as possible.

This is what is so cool about webinars. And it’s why I use GoToWebinar.

With GoToWebinar, you’re the only one that sees what people write in the chat window. So no one except you knows what anyone puts in there.

If someone insults you on a webinar, ignore it. If they continue to heckle you, right click on the name of the offending person and kick (well, “Dismiss”).

Get on with the presentation. If people show up, most of them are interested in the topic. If they stay till the end, they like what you have to say and are hot prospects for whatever you are selling.

Don’t let a heckler rob your other attendees of the chance to hear your pitch and buy your product.

Sign up for a free trial of  GoToWebinar  and give a webinar today!


Webinar Mission: The secrets of Giving Good Webinar with GoToWebinar

Webinar Mission reveals how you can go from zero to great using the best webinar service available for free. It’s a video course you won’t want to miss.

The bad part about webinars is that it’s like public speaking.  On one side, you, alone. On the other side dozens, even hundreds of people listening and watching everything you do and hanging on every word you say…

The great part about webinars is that it’s like you just talking to you computer all by yourself showing how to do something you know really well…and having dozens, even hundreds of people listening and watching everything you do and hanging on every word you say…

And you’re just having fun the whole time…

Webinar Misson make showing your screen to a group of people easy and exciting. I show you step by step how you can schedule, run and record your first webinar.

I reveal how you can get over yourself — forget your fears and limiting beliefs, and how to kick back and relax..and give good webinar.

Everyone is doing webinars. As simple as they are, there is still a learning curve. If you haven’t done a webinar, then you still need someone to tell you what to do and what not to do.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have someone to walk you through the steps and get you up and running…and even making money…before your free trial of GoToWebinar runs out?

The biggest benefit of the courses I’ve taken was less the information and more the motivation to actually go out and do something.

So I’m hoping that in addition to clearing away any obstacles that may have stopped you from giving a webinar up to now, I succeed in giving you a   boot that makes you actually go out, schedule your first webinar and complete the Webinar Mission.

Webinars are “increased conversions made easy.” Click on over to Webinar Mission now for the complete scoop.


Join GoToWebinar from Your Android Phone

UPDATE!: You can now join GOTOWEBINAR via your Android phone. Just click on the registration link from your phone and it will prompt to install the GoToMeeting application and join you to the Webinar if it is in progress. Enjoy!

GoToWebinar and GoToMeeting belong on Android phones. Here is why you should care.

It’s clear that with Android phone sales outstripping the iPhone, GoToWebinar will soon appear on the Android platform.

I thought my G2 was cool two years ago, but when I got my MyTouch 4G in November, my iPhone envy died for good. The MyTouch 4G is fast and keeps multiple programs running. The number of Android apps is around 140,000, which gives me lots of choice in functionality.

So about the only thing that is missing is GoToWebinar. With the arrival of the Gigahertz Snapdragon processors from Qualcomm, screen capture video with audio flows smoothly over the Android screen.

At least the swf replays are fine on the MyTouch 4G, so how about the live sessions?

Depending on whether you give more webinars than you attend, you will want GoToWebinar and GoToMeeting on your Android phone for one of the following reasons.

I’m often on the go when a webinar I want to attend is live, so I would like the ability to follow the live action from wherever I am. I can listen now, but on a good webinar, you need to see the screen to fully appreciate what is going on.

As an Internet marketer, you don’t want to limit your audience to those people who are able to sitting in front of a computer screen for the duration of your presentation.

A lot of people have full time jobs and kids. And those are some of your best prospects. They have enough income and the drive to get into Internet marketing and continue to buy increasingly higher-end products.

But a lot of these people don’t have much time to sit in front of a computer screen. They probably do have a mobile phone. That phone is increasingly likely to be and Android phone.

So if you can get them to click on that GoToWebinar link and enter into your live pitch webinar and  to  interact with you, then you’re most likely to make a sale.

Sign up for a free trial of GoToWebinar today and get yourself in front of the sales wave. GoToWebinar for Android can’t be far away.

3 Keys to a Profitable Pitch Webinar

An increasing number of Internet marketers are using webinars to sell their products. Here the three keys to a profitable pitch webinar.

Being excited about the material is a must. It takes care of issues like lack of focus, confidence, clear delivery, stumbling, stuttering and losing the attention of your participants.

You won’t be perfect in all those areas, but your participants will feel the enthusiasm and forgive you for your shortcomings. They will even consider some of your mistakes just part of your personality.

One of the marketers I follow – and the one I’ve learned the most from – talks too fast and has a tendency to say inappropriate things. But you feel his excitement in every sentence which tends to mesmerize you. I should add that he knows what he’s talking about, which always helps.

A good pitch webinar always starts out with a lot of free actionable information. You want to give you participants a takeaway that they can use. They feel that you have given them valuable information they can use.

Free actionable information is key because it builds trust and gives your audience the change to get to know you. You also build a bond of trust which will allow them to take action on your offer later.

Scarcity is the third key to a profitable pitch webinar. When done correctly, you can close a large percentage of your audience during the webinar. That is possible due to the immediacy of a live webinar and the proper usage of scarcity.

Scarcity means that you offer limited time bonuses, announce that the price will go up in a few hours or days after the end of the session. You can also offer a limited number of slots. You can shut down the offer after 50-250 sales, depending on the price point of the product.

By using one or more of these means of scarcity, you can leverage a live pitch webinar to its maximum and assure the highest conversion possible.

The best test of these ideas is to give your own webinar. You can even start today without spending a dime. Start with your free trial of the best webinar software available. Schedule your pitch today!

Webinars Get More Expensive in March

Webinars, the final frontier.

Eventually, you will give webinars. It’s the fastest and easiest way to make and market high ticket products.

All you need to do it is you, an Internet connection and GoToWebinar.

But in case you still haven’t heard or taken action, GoToWebinar is about to raise their prices by up to 5x, which means that you could be paying $499 a month for the same service that you can have for only $99/month till the end of February.

In fact, if you tried to join from the GoToWebinar front page, it WOULD cost you $499/month for up to 1000 participants.

But if you act now, before the end of February, you can get the best webinar service on the planet and the best webinar training from two guys who’ve already logged over 200 webinars (totaling over 400 hours) in the past year alone.

For only $47, you’ll get in the door and be presented with a link that will allow you to pay up to 80% less than anyone who wanders over to the GoToWebinar web page.

And you’ll get the first tips and techniques on how you can start running webinars, creating instant high ticket products and close more sales than you ever before.

I know these guys are good since I’ve attended over 30 of their webinars (over 60 hours) and I’ve seen how they mix training with marketing to attract and sell their products using webinars.

I even gave a webinar with one of them as part of a product creation course they offer.

What makes webinars so powerful is the live interaction. I love being able to ask questions and get them answered right away. Don’t you?

Webinars make it possible to get that one-on-one feeling, and for you to answer your prospects’ individual questions since you can choose which questions to address and immediately answer the question for many other people at the same time.

And after the webinar is over, you offer the recording as its own product.

Cool, right? It’s effective for sure.

Ok, ebooks are still good, pre-recorded video is better, but there is nothing like a live webinar – because of the interaction.

There is, however, a right way and a wrong way to give webinars, so you’ll want to get trained by two guys who’ve already made most of the mistakes you would make and have refined and perfected a method of doing webinars for the highest impact. Then they created an easy-to-follow, step by step system.

You can get instant access to their system here, along with the special discount link to GoToWebinar.

The thought of having to pay $499 a month for GoToWebinar got me to take the leap into webinars, I hope you jump in as well.

Act now. Sign up for the course. The special link for GoToWebinar in on the front page of the membership site. Click it to sign up for your free 45-day trial which with grandfather you into GoToWebinar at the end of the trail period at the old rate of $99 for up to 1000 participants.

See you there.