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WordPress Backup Creator Just Went Ultimate

WordPress backups have never been easier, more automatic…or more profitable.

The latest enhancements to an understandably increasingly popular WordPress backup plugin make Backup Creator by far the backup plugin of choice for anyone who is serious about protecting their own WordPress websites or reducing the time it takes them to install and configure new websites for themselves and their clients.

I’ve always appreciated the the “one-click” simplicity of Backup Creator ever since it was introduced about six months ago. One click got you a backup of your entire site and one click got you a restore.

And it still does.

Remember, we’re talking about a backup of your entire site. Your entire configuration, tweaks, posts, pages, plugins, themes, widgets, download directories…everything.

And one click got you a clone, which you can install in a different directory, domain or webhost and still have all the links work just like the original.

Now Backup Creator has gotten even better without giving up any of its user friendliness. You can now restore copies from your local hard drive now with another click of your mouse.

Got WordPress templates? Now you can save them to one central FTP location independent of your hosting company or individual website. You can easily retrieve them when installing a new site for yourself or a client. In addition you can have one place for users to go to download your templates.

Before “automatic” backups meant, when you click on the backup button, you got a complete copy of your website. But every time you wanted to back it up, you had to press the button…manually.

With Backup Creator Ultimate, automatic means automatic. You can configure the plugin to backup on a schedule.

You can choose to  backup daily or weekly and specify the day of the week and the hour of the backup.

If you want to backup to a location other than your site, you can configure an FTP server location on the same server or a different server. Just plug in your credentials once.

The enhancements to the Ultimate version of Backup Creator make it well worth the investment. Whether you just want to protect your content from suddenly disappearing or whether you want to install and configure client websites faster so you can get more customers and ULTIMATEly more money.

Whatever you do, you should check out Backup Creator Ultimate today.