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7 Ways to Profit from Backup Creator

Backup Creator can be a virtual gold mine if you use your imagination are are will to take action. Here are seven ways you can profit from this simple WordPress plugin.

Once you have tried Backup Creator, you will recognize the incredible potential of using a tool that lets you backup an entire WordPress website, including blog, membership site plugin, widgets, theme as well as all the settings and configuration and database, too.

Monthly Backup and Restore Service

As simple and easy-to-use as Backup Creator is, some people will never want to take the time even to install it.

That’s were you come in. You find website owners who value their content and are will to pay you a nominal fee to backup. Since it will take you under  5 minutes, including logging in and logging off. Even if you only charge $10 for website per month, that’s the same as earning $120 an hour.  Cut that in half and you’re still making $60 an hour.

Moving WordPress Sites for Other People

Some of those same people who don’t want to spend even a couple minutes backing up their site will be eve n less interested in moving their sites when they decide they have outgrown their current hosting provider. It could be they found a cheap hosting company and now regret it.

That’s where you can help now that you are armed with Backup Creator.

Take Offline Businesses Online

Now you can offer a business that has no coherent online presence a website with a blog, a membership area for restricted content, decked out and configured with a premium theme in just a few mouse clicks.

Targeted Pre-Written Blog posts with Blog Installation

If you like to write articles, you can write posts for specific a specific niche and deliver the content pre-installed in a blog, so that your customer can get the benefit of the posts almost as soon as he has paid for it.

Deliver Your PLR Products Ready-to-Publish in a Pre-Installed Blog

With all the competition among the PLR publishers, you can stand out from the crowd but including your PLR content pre-loaded into a WordPress Blog which you can then install for your clients using Backup Creator.

Offer a pre-configured Membership Site

What if you installed WordPress, a membership site plugin, a theme and configured them on your site, then tweaked that installation and installed it on a client site.  Don’t you think that would give you an edge over the competition?

Done-For-You Optin Pages, Premium Themes, Plugins and MORE…

The possibilities are endless with Backup Creator. Make sure you secure your copy today at the reduced price.

And after you secure your own website from disaster, see how creative you can be in helping others protect their online investments.




What is Drip Content for a Membership Site?

Most membership sites suffer from one fatal flaw which causes them to lose members unnecessarily.

The problem is that they don’t drip content well.

Drip content is when your membership don’t get access to all of your content at once.

Many WordPress membership plugins use the built in ability of WordPress to manage users and content. So if you want to drip content with WordPress, you can create individual posts and schedule them.

Then you get a plugin that allows you to make members pay for access.

So if you want to let your members see a new video each week, you would make a post for each week, and then schedule each one for a week apart.

That works well for the initial members, but if a person joins a month after you begin your site, that person would immediately get the first four weeks of content.

A person joining three months or a year later would instantly get access to three months or a year of content.

Some people would download or at least review most if not all of the content in the first month and would have little if any incentive to pay a second or third time for additional content.

Another solution involves creating a number of levels and migrating users into higher levels, but that is a tedious and time-consuming process.

Fortunately, now there is an easy-to-use WordPress plugin that lets you drip membership site content in a way that gives you complete control.

You no longer have to give away the farm. You can drip content.

And you don’t have to spend more time setting up your drip content than you did creating the content in the first place.

WP Drip is a simple WordPress plugin that leverages the power of WordPress to let you determine how fast your members can access your content.

To start dripping your content today, get WP Drip today.


Backup Creator WordPress Plugin Review

Backup Creator is an easy-to-use, one click complete WordPress backup solution with a couple surprising extras.

If you have ever tried to backup your entire blog or WordPress website you know that the manual way is complicated and time consuming. The free “automated” solutions aren’t much better.

And since your time is money or at least it should be, you can’t afford to take that time.

The biggest benefit of  Backup Creator is that it is saves you time.

It is a complete system that backups your entire WordPress website or blog: Posts, pages, design configuration, databases, membership sites, plugins, themes, etc.

It backups everything with one click. And it’s fast!

I’ve used it to move a half dozen sites from one hosting provider to another and I was amazed at how simple, quick and easy the whole process was.

Backup Creator installs like any other WordPress plugin with in less than a minute. Once installed, you are literally one click away from having a reliable and complete backup.

Restoring the backup only takes a couple more steps and is totally stress free.

A unique feature of Backup Creator is that it can pull the files to be restored directly from the original server where the website that you want to copy resides. So you don’t have to waste time copying the backup file to the target server. Backup Creator does the work for you.

If you’ve every had your website suddenly quit working, you’ve felt the pain.

That never has to happen again. Install the plugin and run it and your website or blog will be fully protected.

So instead of spending countless hours recreating the look, feel and content of your site, you can be creating content for the next one and making more money.

Or you can spend the extra time on the beach with your family, if you prefer…

Since Backup creator enables you to create exact duplicates of WordPress websites, you can offer services such as design and configuration of sites which you can then quickly install on your clients’ domain.

Instead of leaving your client to sweat over installing what they paid you for, you can give them peace-of-mind in addition to an awesome design.

Currently the plugin is selling for much less than the price of similar but, in my opinion, mostly inferior solutions. But the creator of Backup Creator has pledged to continue to increase the price up to $97.

So act fast to get your copy today. You get it here now.