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What To Do If Your are Ever Insulted on a Webinar

Recently I was on a question and answer webinar about webinars where a participant asked what he should do if someone insulted him while he was conducting a webinar.

The way you respond to an insult on a webinar will determine the success or failure of your webinar as well as your business.


Seriously, this is an important moment.

It’s important that you don’t lose sight of why you are giving a webinar in the first place. You want to get people to know, like, trust you…and take action on what you are telling them, right?

Maybe even buy what you’re selling?

So you get on a webinar, totally pumped about your topic, and up pops a message in the chat window about how your mother wears army boots.

You pause, enraged. “My mother never wore ARMY BOOTS, you idiot!”, you scream into the microphone. You go on for about 5 minutes about how anybody how would say such a thing must be a total idiot and described in lurid detail about how you will tear that person limb from limb until they fit in a tuna can if you should ever meet on the street somewhere.

And then you remember….Your mother did wear army boots till last year when she retired from the military.

And another realization comes over you.

No one know anything about why you went bezerkowitz except you possibly the competitor that insulted you.

You just made a complete fool out of yourself for no good reason.

Well, if it happens, get over it, and get back on another webinar as quickly as possible.

This is what is so cool about webinars. And it’s why I use GoToWebinar.

With GoToWebinar, you’re the only one that sees what people write in the chat window. So no one except you knows what anyone puts in there.

If someone insults you on a webinar, ignore it. If they continue to heckle you, right click on the name of the offending person and kick (well, “Dismiss”).

Get on with the presentation. If people show up, most of them are interested in the topic. If they stay till the end, they like what you have to say and are hot prospects for whatever you are selling.

Don’t let a heckler rob your other attendees of the chance to hear your pitch and buy your product.

Sign up for a free trial of  GoToWebinar  and give a webinar today!