7 Ways to Profit from Backup Creator

Backup Creator can be a virtual gold mine if you use your imagination are are will to take action. Here are seven ways you can profit from this simple WordPress plugin.

Once you have tried Backup Creator, you will recognize the incredible potential of using a tool that lets you backup an entire WordPress website, including blog, membership site plugin, widgets, theme as well as all the settings and configuration and database, too.

Monthly Backup and Restore Service

As simple and easy-to-use as Backup Creator is, some people will never want to take the time even to install it.

That’s were you come in. You find website owners who value their content and are will to pay you a nominal fee to backup. Since it will take you under  5 minutes, including logging in and logging off. Even if you only charge $10 for website per month, that’s the same as earning $120 an hour.  Cut that in half and you’re still making $60 an hour.

Moving WordPress Sites for Other People

Some of those same people who don’t want to spend even a couple minutes backing up their site will be eve n less interested in moving their sites when they decide they have outgrown their current hosting provider. It could be they found a cheap hosting company and now regret it.

That’s where you can help now that you are armed with Backup Creator.

Take Offline Businesses Online

Now you can offer a business that has no coherent online presence a website with a blog, a membership area for restricted content, decked out and configured with a premium theme in just a few mouse clicks.

Targeted Pre-Written Blog posts with Blog Installation

If you like to write articles, you can write posts for specific a specific niche and deliver the content pre-installed in a blog, so that your customer can get the benefit of the posts almost as soon as he has paid for it.

Deliver Your PLR Products Ready-to-Publish in a Pre-Installed Blog

With all the competition among the PLR publishers, you can stand out from the crowd but including your PLR content pre-loaded into a WordPress Blog which you can then install for your clients using Backup Creator.

Offer a pre-configured Membership Site

What if you installed WordPress, a membership site plugin, a theme and configured them on your site, then tweaked that installation and installed it on a client site.  Don’t you think that would give you an edge over the competition?

Done-For-You Optin Pages, Premium Themes, Plugins and MORE…

The possibilities are endless with Backup Creator. Make sure you secure your copy today at the reduced price.

And after you secure your own website from disaster, see how creative you can be in helping others protect their online investments.




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