How to Create Keyboard Shortcuts in Snagit

Webinar Mission: The secrets of Giving Good Webinar with GoToWebinar

Webinar Mission reveals how you can go from zero to great using the best webinar service available for free. It’s a video course you won’t want to miss.

The bad part about webinars is that it’s like public speaking.  On one side, you, alone. On the other side dozens, even hundreds of people listening and watching everything you do and hanging on every word you say…

The great part about webinars is that it’s like you just talking to you computer all by yourself showing how to do something you know really well…and having dozens, even hundreds of people listening and watching everything you do and hanging on every word you say…

And you’re just having fun the whole time…

Webinar Misson make showing your screen to a group of people easy and exciting. I show you step by step how you can schedule, run and record your first webinar.

I reveal how you can get over yourself — forget your fears and limiting beliefs, and how to kick back and relax..and give good webinar.

Everyone is doing webinars. As simple as they are, there is still a learning curve. If you haven’t done a webinar, then you still need someone to tell you what to do and what not to do.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have someone to walk you through the steps and get you up and running…and even making money…before your free trial of GoToWebinar runs out?

The biggest benefit of the courses I’ve taken was less the information and more the motivation to actually go out and do something.

So I’m hoping that in addition to clearing away any obstacles that may have stopped you from giving a webinar up to now, I succeed in giving you a   boot that makes you actually go out, schedule your first webinar and complete the Webinar Mission.

Webinars are “increased conversions made easy.” Click on over to Webinar Mission now for the complete scoop.


How to Install Wishlist Member WordPress Membership Plugin

Get Instant Access to Wishlist Member!

Live Demo of the Responsive Starter Skin for the Thesis Theme for WordPress

How to Change the Default Aspect Ratio (to 16:9) in PowerPoint

Video Sales Tactics Review

Membership Cube Review

Membership Cube is the best training you get can on setting up a WordPress membership website. And it comes with Wishlist Member at no extra charge.

Good training consists of three things: Simple, easy to follow training, tools that save you time and effort and the motivation that moves you to follow through and get results from the training.

As with any training, the simpler the better.  Robert Plank and Lance Tamashiro are masters at making powerful  marketing tools seem simple to use and then motivating you to actually use them.

Wishlist Member is a powerful WordPress plugin in its own right. But without some hand-holding, setting up a basic membership site with it can be a challenge.

Lots of options.

Too many options, though, can kill your momentum and stop you cold.

So Robert and Lance give you a clear, simple path to follow so you can get your first membership site up and running as quickly as possible.

They don’t try to explain every single feature of Wishlist Member to you. If they did, you would come away confused and frustrated and would probably never create your own site.

They share what has worked for them so you can learn from their experience, which means you spend less time and make more money.

How many training courses have you paid for without ever having put the training to use?

The strongest testimonial for Membership Cube I can give is that during the course I actually went through the training, created my own membership site and made sales.

Membership Cube is full of useful tools that would be worth the price of the course by themselves.

One of my favorites is the WP Drip plugin. As the name implies, WP Drip enables you to release your content to your members over time, so that people aren’t overwhelmed and tempted to gorge themselves on your material and get lost in the detail.

You should be moving people ahead in small steps so they feel the power of achievement early. WP Drip allows you do help your members do that.

Another thing the plugin lets you do is to prevent people from grabbing several months of material after only paying for the first month.

And WP Drip is only one of 11 plugins that you get when you join Membership Cube. Together, they make delivering your content and improving your members’ experience a cinch.

With the tools, training and motivation you’ll find in Membership Cube, you’ll be surprised at how easy it will be to set up, maintain and to grow your own membership site.

7 Reasons Why You Should Start a Membership Site Today

Starting a membership site is easier than it ever has been. You will be surprised why some people set one up and why you should too.

Reason#7: Membership sites keep your visitors and clients coming back to your site. It’s  one more way you can get your message out to people about additional products and services. You can even just offer upsells to your current product line and make it simple for your customers to upgrade.

Reason#6.5: Password resets are easy for everyone. Instead of having to re-send the download link or username and password, your WordPress membership site can allow your members to reset their passwords by themselves.

Reason#6: Membership sites you give easy content delivery. Adding content is as easy as creating a new post. Recent improvements to WordPress make adding video and audio content just as simple as adding an article.

Reason#5: You can offer a payment plan. Want to sell a course for $497, but  you know your list won’t shell out that much money at once? Break it down into five payments and drip the content out over time. You can either do this using levels built into Wishlist Member or via a drip plugin.

Reason#4: If a member stops paying, you can cut off access automatically. If they re-join, they start over from the beginning. This increases the incentive to remain a member.

Reason# 3: You can easily notify your members of changes. In contrast to a one-time download link, you can put a sticky post on the front page of your membership site that will alert all of your members of any changes to your site. Follow that up with an email to your members referring them back to your site and you make it easy for them and for you.

Reason#2: Using the built-in WordPress comments feature, collecting testimonials becomes a snap! You can ask members for their feedback. What part of the course did they find the most useful? Often the answer is a sweet testimonial for you.

Reason#1: Create a source of recurring income. Although a membership site doesn’t have to mean forced continuity where your members have to pay month after month, you can ease them into it with single payment, then fixed multiple payments and finally full never-ending payments. To keep them you offer a question and answer webinar once a month.

So there you have seven reasons to start your membership site today. I highly recommend you use the WordPress plugin Wishlist Member. I use it for all my membership sites.  And I’m not alone. There are over 36,000 other sites using it as well.

3 Ways to Save Time Installing Your WordPress Blog

Here are three ways you can save time when you install WordPress blogs frequently. The biggest time-saver comes at the end.

Backup Creator Bonus

The first WordPress installation time-saver is using the right installation method. The 5 minute manual method is well known but by far about the slowest if you have the right web host.Hosting companies like Hostgator give you a control panel known as Cpanel which automates many of the tasks of managing your web site.One of the best tools is called Fantasico. Fantastico lets you install a WordPress blog in under a minute. It simplifies the process so that you only have to fill in a couple boxes in and click a couple buttons.

So make sure your web host offers Cpanel with Fantasico.

The second way to speed up the installation process is to create a template of your WordPress blog or web site. Decide which plugins and which theme serves your best. Then optimize the configuration of your blog, making it just the way you would like to have it on multiple sites.

You can always make minor color changes to your blog, but knowing the base configuration, the right plugins and fitting it with a good standard theme, can save you plenty of time when you go to install the blog again at another location.

Once you have optimized your WordPress configuration and settings, you should install a plugin called Backup Creator. Backup Creator lets you instantly make backups of your WordPress blogs and web sites. Even better, it gives you the power to clone your WordPress installations and eliminate the need to go through a tedious process of setting up your site each time.

That makes Backup creator a huge time-saver and the one plugin that you will want to buy now, so you don’t lose any more time installing your next blog or web site.Backup Creator gives you an exact copy of WordPress itself as well as all the configuration changes you’ve made to WordPress and the plugins. No need to re-install and re-configure.Some of the newer features include the ability to use Amazon S3, a cloud based storage system that keeps all your files safe, even if your computer or your web host’s computer fail and they lose all their data.

Right now the first 5GB of Amazon S3 is free, so this becomes an awesome feature in Backup Creator.

And not only that, but you can now automate your backups with a set-it-and-forget-it one time configuration on Backup Creator.

By the way, Backup Creator is currently protecting over 25,000 sites, so  it has become a very popular plugin, which I use on all of my sites and has personally saved me a ton of time.

Hopefully these tips help you save time and become more productive when installing your WordPress web sites.

WordPress Backup Creator Just Went Ultimate

WordPress backups have never been easier, more automatic…or more profitable.

The latest enhancements to an understandably increasingly popular WordPress backup plugin make Backup Creator by far the backup plugin of choice for anyone who is serious about protecting their own WordPress websites or reducing the time it takes them to install and configure new websites for themselves and their clients.

I’ve always appreciated the the “one-click” simplicity of Backup Creator ever since it was introduced about six months ago. One click got you a backup of your entire site and one click got you a restore.

And it still does.

Remember, we’re talking about a backup of your entire site. Your entire configuration, tweaks, posts, pages, plugins, themes, widgets, download directories…everything.

And one click got you a clone, which you can install in a different directory, domain or webhost and still have all the links work just like the original.

Now Backup Creator has gotten even better without giving up any of its user friendliness. You can now restore copies from your local hard drive now with another click of your mouse.

Got WordPress templates? Now you can save them to one central FTP location independent of your hosting company or individual website. You can easily retrieve them when installing a new site for yourself or a client. In addition you can have one place for users to go to download your templates.

Before “automatic” backups meant, when you click on the backup button, you got a complete copy of your website. But every time you wanted to back it up, you had to press the button…manually.

With Backup Creator Ultimate, automatic means automatic. You can configure the plugin to backup on a schedule.

You can choose to  backup daily or weekly and specify the day of the week and the hour of the backup.

If you want to backup to a location other than your site, you can configure an FTP server location on the same server or a different server. Just plug in your credentials once.

The enhancements to the Ultimate version of Backup Creator make it well worth the investment. Whether you just want to protect your content from suddenly disappearing or whether you want to install and configure client websites faster so you can get more customers and ULTIMATEly more money.

Whatever you do, you should check out Backup Creator Ultimate today.